Lists. Why are they important?

First of all, they keep us organized. From time to time, we need a to-do list to get us right back on track.

Second, they serve as our direction. When you’re out on adventure, what are the places that you should go to? For that purpose, you find a list of the top destinations in the world to serve as your guide.

Lastly, lists make you realize the things that you still want to do while you’re still alive. Everyone’s familiar with a bucket list right?

Lists certainly have a lot of purposes but did anyone thought of compiling most of these lists for your convenience? None. This is the main reason why we started Listography. is all about lists. Travel lists, food lists, DIY/craft lists, design lists, book lists, business lists, movie lists, fashion lists, and a lot more lists. In this website, you will be able to read about those lists and check out what we think are deserving to be part of them. Again, we wanted to make things easier for you so feel free to explore the lists that we have prepared.